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What We Do

Johnny B started the The Unbroken Project to be an all encompassing support system for our youth and anyone else who wants to take charge of their life. Starting with the The Unbroken Project Journal, you’ll walk through six exercise that will empower you to dig into what you want your life to look like and what you need to do to get there, followed by the workshops, conferences, podcast, and group mentoring that reinforces the content from different angles to expand the level of understanding.


Meeting John at first was very exciting for me, but there was no doubt that I was very nervous, I had waited a little over a year to be matched. I had never had a mentor, but I had an idea of what a mentor did as my sister had one. I would always see my sister get picked up and come back from lunch dinner or other fun activities that my sister would brag about, so in a way that was the only thing I was expecting from a mentor. Very quickly John and I got along, we would go out with his son and do fun activities that we all enjoyed, we did everything that I expected. But little that I expect that the fun we would have was only a small part of what I would be getting out from having a mentor John would quickly become such an influential person in my life, by guiding me in finding my purpose in life. Wanting to be a business owner had never been my plan for the future, I hadn’t even thought about it before meeting John, the idea of providing people with jobs and benefits that could help them and their families really inspired me into wanting to start a business. The fun we had was very little compared to the amount of things I learned and reflected with John, every time I would hangout with my mentor I would learn something new. Over 4 years of knowing my mentor we’ve both have had huge changes in our lives, but despite these changes we’ve stayed together and John has continued to provide me with such amazing tools that I believe have shaped me into the person I am today and into the person I need to become to have an impact in this world.  know for a fact I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else other than him as my role model, guide, and even big brother!
Francisco - Denver, Colorado
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