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Its funny how sometimes...

Its funny how sometimes a lesson in one thing can effect another thing in your life in a profound way...

I was lifting at the gym a couple weeks ago and a random guy offered to give me a few tips with my technique. I'm not a body builder but it was clear he had done body building in the past... and I only take advice from people I would trade places with on that topic so I took out my headphones and gave him my attention.

He shared a technique that involved more sets with varying reps each set and then lifting to failure on the last 3 of the total 8 sets. He pointed out a few other guys that were lifting and he explained why what they were doing was pretty pointless and they wouldn't get much for results.

  1. I thought I would shift my workout routine and give it a try... why not! The new workout routine is only 5 exercises but takes over an hour due to all the sets but I'm lifting 2 days a week instead of 3-4... and after just 3 workouts, I'm seeing results. Crazy!My lessons... 1. Check your ego and be open to advice from people who know what they are talking about on that subject because it make a huge difference! 2. Quality over quantity... I was doing 8-10 exercises during my workouts and working out 3-4 times a week and not seeing much for results. By being more intentional on the quality of the workout, I'm getting WAY more results. 3. This applies to more than just working out... this has been a great reminder that in life, work, school, business that I need to look at quality over quantity. In my book, The Unbroken Project Journal, I mention only having 3 TOP priorities each day and fill in the rest with what comes in throughout the day and lower priorities. By concentrating on just the top 3 priorities each day, my business is so much more efficient and productive.Remember, there are no excuses in life, only priorities. What are you making priority during your days and are you getting the results you want? If not, maybe adjust the priorities.

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